More Smiling Patients

by Richard Tones

Some patients that we have recently helped to have achieve their wishes of straight teeth. These cases were completed using Six Month Smiles.

Six Month Smiles® utilizes specialized clear braces to gently straighten and align teeth in an average time of just six months.

Fastbraces Course

by Richard Tones

We have just been on a two day training course for the revolutionary Fastbraces. 

Fastbraces is an exciting new technology that has just recently been introduced in the UK. It is an exciting invention in orthodontics, as it allows tooth straightening similar to traditional braces in as little as a few months.

We are always looking for the best products and techniques, keeping at the cutting edge, to ensure that we provide our patients with the best treatment possible. Fastbraces offers many advantages over existing technology and we were keen to learn more. More information can be seen at

The two day training course delivered by founder and inventor Dr Tony Viazis. The training was expertly and passionately delivered giving a comprehensive understanding of the Fastbraces system.

Fastbraces are for adults and children. They are fast, safe and affordable. We look forward to integrating them into our practices.

BACD Annual Conference Day 3

by Richard Tones

A great final day to the conference. A full day of lectures by world renowned dentists Dr David Garber and Dr Maurice Salama. Some really interesting topics including online dental education resources on, implant surgery and cosmetic gum procedures. Nice to see a refreshing and balanced view on many subjects with a strong base of up to date research, something that is vital in providing the best and most relevant treatment for our patients.

BACD Annual Conference Day 2

by Richard Tones

The second day of the conference kick-started by the energetic Dr Elliot Mechanic, just stepped off the plane from Montreal. He has a unique style of presentation being entertaining, making people laugh, while delivering useful practical information via complex case studies. Following Dr Mechanic was not going to be easy, but the precise and knowledgeable lecture by Dr Michael Zybutz on Gum Aesthetics was really useful and showed the great cosmetic gum surgery that can now be done and how it could benefit many of our patients.


Trick or Treat

by Richard Tones

Halloween is almost on us. With many of us enjoying more treats it is worth reminding yourself about how to keep your teeth healthy and still enjoy your Halloween haul.

The British Dental Health Foundation have some great advice here.

Being Halloween the American had to do it better, well differently, see their video below.

Smile Competition 2012

by Richard Tones

The most recent smile competition is now complete. The winner of the competition, Katie, has undergone extensive dental treatment free of charge, including orthodontic treatment, root canal treatment, crowns and veneers, totalling over £8000. Katie is delighted with the results and we are happy to have helped restore Katie's smile.

See her before and after pictures and story in her Gallery

Sporting Summer

by Richard Tones

What a great summer of sport.

Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France was the perfect start to what was an unmissable and amazing Olympics at London 2012.

Watching such events it is clear that these brilliant sports people have amazing support behind the scenes, but being dentists we couldn't help but worry about their teeth. Many amateur and professional sport people we see as patients have high rates of tooth decay caused by the need for abundant energy during training.

Often this energy is provided by regular consumption of energy drinks, energy gels and nutrition bars.

Regular and frequent consumption of sugar sources provides perfect conditions for tooth decay to run rampant.

Prevention is better than cure, and it is the sugars we eat little and often that cause highest rates of tooth decay.

We urge all our patients to reduce their frequency of sugar intake, and would advise all sports people, trainers and budding Olympians to try and reduce the number of times in a day that sugar is eaten.

For more information on the causes of tooth decay, read the British Dental Health Foundation's advice on Diet.

Michael Wise Study Day

by Richard Tones

Great day of continued professional development in London at The Royal College of Medicine. A scientific review of lots of current dental journals, a presentation and discussion on the trend of using Zirconia in dentistry and a review of aesthetic analysis in advanced restorative Dentistry.

Having completed the year course five years ago, and carried on with quarterly study days since, I would recommend the course to any dentist striving to achieve the highest quality dentistry. The course is the most in depth and up to date course I have been on and I honestly believe that even the most experienced dentists would learn a great deal.

Digital Dentistry

by Richard Tones

An exciting study day in London by renowned lecturer Daniel Edelhof. Techniques for scanning teeth for crowns and bridges instead of traditional impressions will be increasingly common. The accuracy of scanning machines is improving all the time. The age of digital dentistry is coming.