Sporting Summer

by Richard Tones

What a great summer of sport.

Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France was the perfect start to what was an unmissable and amazing Olympics at London 2012.

Watching such events it is clear that these brilliant sports people have amazing support behind the scenes, but being dentists we couldn't help but worry about their teeth. Many amateur and professional sport people we see as patients have high rates of tooth decay caused by the need for abundant energy during training.

Often this energy is provided by regular consumption of energy drinks, energy gels and nutrition bars.

Regular and frequent consumption of sugar sources provides perfect conditions for tooth decay to run rampant.

Prevention is better than cure, and it is the sugars we eat little and often that cause highest rates of tooth decay.

We urge all our patients to reduce their frequency of sugar intake, and would advise all sports people, trainers and budding Olympians to try and reduce the number of times in a day that sugar is eaten.

For more information on the causes of tooth decay, read the British Dental Health Foundation's advice on Diet.