Fastbraces Course

by Richard Tones

We have just been on a two day training course for the revolutionary Fastbraces. 

Fastbraces is an exciting new technology that has just recently been introduced in the UK. It is an exciting invention in orthodontics, as it allows tooth straightening similar to traditional braces in as little as a few months.

We are always looking for the best products and techniques, keeping at the cutting edge, to ensure that we provide our patients with the best treatment possible. Fastbraces offers many advantages over existing technology and we were keen to learn more. More information can be seen at

The two day training course delivered by founder and inventor Dr Tony Viazis. The training was expertly and passionately delivered giving a comprehensive understanding of the Fastbraces system.

Fastbraces are for adults and children. They are fast, safe and affordable. We look forward to integrating them into our practices.