Endo Reality, specialising in 3D Printing for Dentistry, was founded by Company Director, Sophie Parker BDS MSc Endo.

With a passion for Endodontics, Sophie wanted to improve endodonitc training by reimagining the training block, and producing anatomically correct training teeth using 3D printing. 

Our core product is the Endo Reality Training Tooth.

Using state of the art 3D Printing technology Endo Reality Training Teeth are produced from micro-CT scans of real teeth that have been enhanced to improve their characteristics and reproducibility.

Endo Reality Training Teeth are therefore anatomically correct and offer the ideal endodontic training tool.

We produce a range of different teeth, all available with open or closed access cavities.

Level 1 teeth with open wide canals are easy to navigate and provide the ideal starter tooth.

Level 2 teeth have a more complicated internal structure with a mildly sclerosed canal system with lateral canals.

Level 3 teeth are our most complicated teeth with an extremely sclerosed canal system, multiple lateral canals and testing isthmus.

Endo Reality Training Teeth are made of a clear polymer, with a brightly coloured reproduction pulp material that dissolves in sodium hypochlorite solution.


A Parker-Tones company.